The farm belongs to the municipality of La Encina Salamanca, just 8 kilometers from Ciudad Rodrigo. In this land you can enjoy beautiful oak groves spread out in a varied geography, which includes mountains, mountains, valleys and meadows.

The facilities consist of a main house, a dining room for all kinds of events and horse stables, a beautiful hermitage and the house where the mayoral and the cowboy live. All spaces are in communion with nature, seeking balance and harmony. The decoration and furnishings reflect the passion for raising the bull.

The livestock is separated by 25 fences that have been built in recent years. The vision, romanticism, passion and effort of José Cruz and family, has managed to turn this space into one of the most modern farms in the region and even in the country.

You can also see a groping plaza, a box for 30 people, annexed pens and jetty. Bullfighters such as Enrique Ponce, Juan Del Álamo and Alejandro Marcos, among others, have fought in it.

Visits from 3 people. Seminars and congresses celebrations. Horseback riding is possible. They have a groping place. It is open all year.


Finca Cabezal Viejo. La Encina. Salamanca.

Telephone: 629 408 277