"Pelilla" is a well-heeled estate of 500 hectares, mostly occupied by oak forest with abundant outcrops of metamorphic rock that offer unique shapes and landscapes. Its situation, next to the Almendra Reservoir, and its morphology, means that it is a farm with great biodiversity of both flora and fauna.

Currently, it has farms, all of them on an extensive basis, in which the use of the natural resources of the farm is combined with the breeding of fighting cattle, pigs of Iberian breed and purebred Spanish horses, and a preserve of big game in which animals of the deer and wild boar species coexist.

The house and other dependencies dating from 1928 stand out on the estate, including the events room and the gatehouse. All these dependencies form a typical, but at the same time singular, architectural structure of the old stately estates of Salamanca.

The visitor will be able to enjoy the environment, the nature, the upbringing and management of fighting cattle, the gastronomy of the area, etc. for you to enjoy all five senses.

Visit from 3 people. Possibility of dinners and tastings of local products. They have a catering service. They have a groping place. Open all year.


Ctra. Ledesma - Fermoselle, Km. 12. Ledesma. Salamanca.

Telephone: 649 927 664 / 647 900 764

Email: lpalla@pallahnos.com