La Roblicita is a farm located in the municipality of Aldehuela de Yeltes, 65 km from Salamanca and located on the banks of the Yeltes river, heart of Campo Charro. The typical oak forests also feed Iberian pigs in the acorn season. The cattle of the Torrealba livestock, of pure Domeçq origin, also graze on these lands.

The Roblicita meadow, which can be accessed by Aldehuela de Yeltes or Alba de Yeltes, has extensive facilities with a dining room, museum, souvenir shop, as well as access for the disabled.

The farm has extensive experience in the tourism sector. Not surprisingly, it receives an average of 2,500 visits per year. On the ground, the visitor can learn first-hand about the breeding, selection and way of life of the brave bull. You can also enjoy the harassment and demolition competition, the tempting and other country tasks.

"La Roblicita" is located 15 km. from the Peña de Francia, authentic viewpoint of Salamanca; 2 km. from the Laguna del Cristo; and 20 km from the historic complex of Ciudad Rodrigo.

Visits from 20 people. Holding of seminars and conferences. Possibility of enjoying dinners and tastings of local products. They have a catering service. They have a groping place. Open all year.


Finca "La Roblicita". Alba de Yeltes. Salamanca.

Telephone: 923 484 593 / 691 569 429