La Galiana Cave is located in the Río Lobos Canyon, declared a Nature Park in 1985, offering visitors a magnificent opportunity to try their hand at potholing.

The only visitor attraction of this kind in the area, it follows a simple yet spectacular route that begins in the ‘Bedroom’ gallery, before leading on to the stunning stalactites and stalagmites in the Lake Gallery. Next come the Gours Gallery and the Forest Gallery, which rises up an impressive 15 metres, bringing visitors to the gallery known as the ‘Gran Vía’ or ‘Main Avenue’, perhaps because of the double fork leading to two galleries both with a dead end, forcing them to return the way they came.

An extremely satisfying route which in three hours takes visitors along two of its more than three kilometres. A surprising attraction that can be explored by anyone equipped with the basic kit. A cave that is a delight for all those that contemplate the capricious whims of nature.


Ucero. 42080 Soria.

Telephone: 620 438 488 / 627 916 107



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  • Every day: book visit in advance

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