In the Natural Park of Arribes del Duero we receive this locality.

To 4 kilometers is the mine from where the cassiterite was extracted to obtain the tin. It is a gallery of possible Roman origin, which was exploited mainly in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, rebounded again in the nineteenth century and even reopened at the end of the twentieth century to try to extract more ore.

The place is terrific. Some geologists claim that the rocks on the walls of this mine are some of the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula.

Inside we will travel more than 200 meters of galleries where we will talk about geology, mining, rehabilitation phases to make the mine visitable, we will see part of a reef, the well that communicated the different levels and, hopefully, we will spot some bat and some new triton in the drainage channel of the old gallery.


Villadepera. Zamora.

Teléfono: 657 550 232

Opening hours

  • Every day: book visit in advance


  • General: 2 €
  • Reduced: 1.5 €

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