The Vía Verde de la Demanda runs along an amazing route on a track which is almost intact, where the vegetation and surroundings that once witnessed the passing of the old train are still escorting the route.

A large part of the journey follows the course of the river Arlanzón. It starts out in Monterrubio de la Demanda and ends in the town in Burgos named after the river. The Uzquiza reservoir is located in the surrounding area, which helps to enhance the natural heritage of this route, which uses the old mining train's track, abandoned since the fifties.

The length of this greenway lasts for about 54 kilometers. It passes through Barbadillo, Puerto del Manquillo, Pineda de la Sierra and ends in Arlanzón, since the rest of the route to Burgos cannot be done along the route of the old railway. Burgos' Camino de Santiago passes close to this town and the Monasterio de San Juan de Ortega is located in its outskirts. This is a small town which prides itself on its 12th century church with clear Romanesque-Jacobean influences.

The Vía Verde de la Demanda crosses the open area belonging to the Reserva Nacional de Caza de la Sierra de la Demanda (the Sierra de la Demanda national hunting reserve). Also in Pineda de la Sierra is the Valle de Sol resort, frequented by ski lovers throughout the winter.