The ‘Mina Petra’, located on the La Sierra hillside within the town of Ólvega in the province of Soria is where the Vía Verde del Moncayo route starts out from. This was an old, abandoned mine which has now been converted into a recreation area, and is occupied by a small artificial lake.

A stretch of four kilometres starts here which, from Ólvega, passing through Ágreda, totals a 29 kilometre route on the old mining train track, which has been classified as a Vía Verde.

The Moncayo scenery - the line winds along the boundary of Aragón territory - dominates the entire route where there is no shortage of meadows, pastures, dense forests and moorland vegetation.

This track passes through two of the five most important towns in Soria, which enhances its cultural potential, as well as the fact that one is in constant contact with nature. Ólvega is a town located in a wide valley between the Madero and Moncayo mountain ranges. It is one of the most prosperous towns in the province, where there is a concentration of industrial activities.

As far as Ágreda is concerned, it stands out as a town with great historic and monumental remains. It still has some remains from the Arab culture and two doors from the Caliph era. The religious buildings bear witness to the Christian peoples.