The uniqueness of the Black Lagoon, situated in the north of the province of Soria, is the result of its glacial nature. Various glacial features can be observed in this space, which form the Black, Frozen and Long lagoon.

A magnificent Nature Park where the ice has sculptured the glacial landscape that stretches out before visitors, creating whimsical shapes and forms. The contrast between the forest ecosystem, lagoon, streams and grasslands makes for a stunning setting.

The high levels of precipitation also play their part in creating a landscape characterised by a dense mass of Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris) that covers practically the whole of the Revinuesa and Duero valleys. The natural values of this privileged setting have earned it a place in the Natura Network, and it is also included in a Special Protection Area for birds. The area also stands out for its rich cultural heritage: architecture, local traditions, customs and gastronomy complete what will undoubtedly be a fascinating journey of exploration.


Category: Natural Park (4,617 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Soria:
  • Covaleda,
  • Duruelo de la Sierra,
  • Vinuesa

Visitor Centre

Park House 'Laguna Negra y Circos glaciares de Urbión'

It provides an insight into local customs and trades of the past, as well as the tradition of transhumance and popular festivals. There is also a section dedicated to the Black Lagoon and the Urbión glacial cirques, offering visitors a route around the valley, the foothills and mountains.

Address: Ctra. Laguna Negra Km. 3. Vinuesa. 42150 Soria.

Telephone: 975 377 490



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Enviromental Areas

Deer, roe deer, wild boar and partridge.
Steep mountains whose tops have been modeled by an intense glacial erosion, which has given rise to an interesting joint lagoon, that highlights the famous Black Lagoon of Urbión. There is a walkway and a conditioning path that allows you to skirt it.
Large masses of scots pine and forests of beech. High mountain pastures and scrub formations.