In the north-eastern part of the province of Zamora and in the middle of Tierra de Campos lies the collection of lakes, Las Lagunas de Villafáfila, one of the most important wetlands of northern Spain and, undoubtedly, the most popular area for aquatic, steppe and migratory birds in Castilla y León.

This zone is formed by three main lakes - Salina Grande, Barillos and Salinas - and other smaller wetlands, which rest on the clay soils surrounding the semi-endoreic basin of the river Salado. Around these flooded areas is a region dominated by farmlands, which are home to one of the most famous birds of Villafáfila: the great bustard. There are almost 2,000 great bustards living in Villafáfila, making it the largest colony of this species in the world. The huge number of greylag geese that choose to spend the winter at the lakes is another notable feature of the area.


Category: Natural Reserve (32,682 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Zamora:
  • Cañizo,
  • Cerecinos de Campos,
  • Manganeses de la Lampreana,
  • Revellinos,
  • San Agustín del Pozo,
  • San Martín de Valderaduey,
  • Tapioles,
  • Villafáfila,
  • Villalba de la Lampreana,
  • Villarrín de Campos
  • Villárdiga

Visitor Centre

Park House of the Lagunas de Villafafila 'El Palomar'

Discover the daily life and little-known aspects of the birds that live on the lagoons in the ‘Wildlife Park’ thanks to the camera positioned in one of the lagoons and where the birds are totally unaware that they are being watched.

Address: Ctra. Villalpando, Km. 1,5. Villafáfila. 49136 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 586 046



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Enviromental Areas

Numerous aquatic and steppe birds, such as the migrating geese or the rare great bustard.
Saline lakes of endoreic origin, surrounded by flat farmlands.
Typical lake vegetation, distributed in concentric rings about the water level.