Overlooked by the highest peak of the Sierra de la Cabrera, Pico Vizcodillo, at a height of 2,122 metres, we find the Lago de Truchillas. This lake originated from the intense erosion of Quaternary ice on the most northern slopes of these old mountains made, principally, of slate and quartzite materials.

The slopes surrounding the lake, declared Natural Monument in 1990, are covered by heather, broom and juniper shrubs.


Category: Natural Monument (1,026 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of León:
  • Truchas

Enviromental Areas

This same zone is home to the Europe's largest predator, the Iberian Wolf, and the smallest and rarest of continental mammals: the Pyrenean desman.
Lake of glacial origin, located in an impressive mountainous cirque.
Heather and isolated clumps of Pyrenean oak, birch and holly.