According to the dictionary of the Real Academia de la Lengua, to "be in Las Batuecas" is to be distracted and oblivious to something: meaning, to be engrossed and fascinated. Feelings of this kind are still felt today by the people who visit this secret valley, protected by escarped mountains and containing a beautiful Mediterranean-type forest.

Add to this the valuable cave paintings from the Neolithic era that can be found in the valleys caves and shelters, the high cultural value of the legends of Las Batuecas and the ethnographic and architectural collection of the village of La Alberca, and we find a space without comparison in all of Castilla y León. In the deepest part of the valley is the Carmelite convent of San José. The convent entrance is the starting point of another trail on foot which takes us to the Cascada del Chorro (waterfall) and also enables us to enjoy the scenic beauty of Las Batuecas.


Category: Natural Park (30,187 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Salamanca:
  • La Alberca,
  • El Cabaco,
  • Cepeda,
  • Herguijuela de la Sierra,
  • Madroñal,
  • El Maíllo,
  • Miranda del Castañar,
  • Mogarraz,
  • Monforte de la Sierra,
  • Monsagro,
  • Nava de Francia,
  • San Martín del Castañar,
  • Serradilla del Arroyo,
  • Sotoserrano,
  • Villanueva del Conde

Visitor Centre

Park House of Batuecas-Sierra de Francia

The calendar of activities featuring all the major festivals and events will help visitors plan their stay. The welcoming Visitors’ Corner will also help them to plan their route using a map and model of the entire park.

Address: Ctra. Las Batuecas, 22. La Alberca. 37624 Salamanca.

Telephone: 622 252 569



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Enviromental Areas

Wild goat, roe deer, wild boar, and, above all, the Iberian lynx. Black vulture, golden eagle and Egyptian vulture also popular.
Under the protection of the dramatic landscape of the Peña de Francia, there are many deep and isolated valleys with typical flora of the region.
True botanic garden with representations of all the species of the Mediterranean world.