This is one of the final foothills of the Cantabrian Mountains. Montes Obarenes Nature Park, in the province of Burgos, forms a magnificent natural wall sheltering La Bureba.

Bounded by the River Ebro, it boasts a wealth of treasures including the mountain ranges of Oña, la Llana, Pancorbo, Arcena and the Obarenes mountains themselves, which rise up to a maximum height of 1,237 metres at Pan Perdido. The landscape is scattered with stunning natural features, including steep passes, gorges carved out of the rock by the rivers Ebro and Oca as well as the ravine formed by the Purón in the Arcena mountain range.

The wealth of trees is the result of its prime location between the Atlantic and Mediterranean biogeographic regions. The entire area is scattered with precipices where birds of prey such as the griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, golden eagle and goshawk nest. The magnificent landscape forms a backdrop for countless cultural treasures, as it is dotted with towns that are rich in history, such as Frías, which will take visitors back in time.


Category: Natural Park (33,064 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Burgos:
  • Berberana,
  • Bozoó,
  • Busto de Bureba,
  • Cascajares de Bureba,
  • Cillaperlata,
  • Encío,
  • Frías,
  • Jurisdicción de San Zadornil,
  • Miraveche,
  • Navas de Bureba,
  • Oña,
  • Pancorbo,
  • Partido de la Sierra en Tobalina,
  • Quintanaélez,
  • Santa Gadea del Cid,
  • Trespaderne,
  • Valle de Tobalina

Visitor Centre

Park House of Montes Obarenes - San Zadornil (Oña)

Situated in the former cattle shed at the Monastery of San Salvador, used by the monks to produce milk and meat, as well as to store hay for their livestock and other provisions. After touring all three floors, visitors can enjoy a stroll round the gardens to admire the 16th century ponds.

Address: Ctra. de Penches s/n. Oña. 09530 Burgos.

Telephone: 947 567 971



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Enviromental Areas

Griffon vulture, egyptian vulture, golden eagle, goshawk, sparrowhawk, peregrine falcon and honey buzzard, eagle owl and Corvus corone (chova). Wolf, wild boar, roe deer, fox and otter.
Located on the eastern edge of the Cantabrian mountains, they form a tight set of narrow and fractured anticlines and synclines. The Ebro, Oca, Puron, and Molinar have resulted in spectacular canyons and gorges
Large forests of holm oak, Quercus pyrenaica (quejigo), cluster pine and scots pine. Isolated patches of beech in the tops of the mountains. Abundant thicket of black sabina and boxwood. Botanical endemisms.