Located in part of the Pomar de Valdivia municipality in the northeast of the province of Palencia, it is made up of the Covalagua Protected Landscape and the Covalagua Waterfall Natural Monument. Among its most relevant manifestations include sinkholes, lapiaces, grapes, chasms, caves and upwellings. The underground wonders that the famous cave of the French keeps inside deserves to be highlighted. Near Covalagua there is an important point of tourist-cultural interest: Aguilar de Campoo, with its Cistercian monastery of Santa María la Real.


Category: Paisaje protegido (2,389 ha.) , Natural Monument (5 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Palencia:
  • Pomar de Valdivia

Enviromental Areas

Deer, roe deer, wild boars and wolves.
Calcareous surface raised above the ground, which has been strongly eroded by phenomena of karst origin.
Mixed forest of beech, gall and melojo. Isolated yews.