Las Tuerces make up a peculiar landscape enclave, the result of active dissolution processes carried out by erosion of karst origin in the limestone rocks of the Upper Cretaceous. Formed by the Protected Landscape of Las Tuerces and the Natural Monument of the Labyrinth of Las Tuerces, they are located in the westernmost foothills of the moors of La Lora. Las Tuerces form an authentic labyrinth in which large blocks of whimsical forms alternate. Gigantic stone mushrooms, bridges and natural arches, closed alleys and shady covachuelas give rise to an enchanted landscape that invites a quiet stroll and contemplation.


Category: Paisaje protegido (2,090 ha.) , Natural Monument (55 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Burgos:
  • Rebolledo de la Torre

Enviromental Areas

Birds of prey: golden eagle, booted eagle, goshawk, sparrowhawk, peregrine falcon, kestrel, pale harrier. Mammals: fox, wild boar, sable, wild cat, genet, weasel, rabbit, hare. There are thirteen species of reptiles detected and amphibians such as the salamander, common midwife toad or San Antonio frog.
Calcareous surface raised above the ground, which has been strongly eroded by phenomena of karst origin.
Holm oaks, junipers and rock species.