In this space are the most extensive and best preserved junipers on the entire planet. Some of the Arlanza junipers are over two thousand years old.

The La Yecla gorge is a deep and narrow gorge carved out of the thick limestone banks that characterize the relief of the Peñas de Cervera and can be walked on a series of walkways. The rocky relief of the area has favored the development of an abundant population of birds of prey. In a few kilometers the ruins of the monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza, the town of Covarrubias and the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos are located.


Category: Natural Park (26,055 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Burgos:
  • Arauzo de Miel,
  • Barbadillo del Mercado,
  • Carazo,
  • Cascajares de la Sierra,
  • Ciruelos de Cervera,
  • Contreras,
  • Covarrubias,
  • Cuevas de San Clemente,
  • Espinosa de Cervera,
  • Hortigüela,
  • Mambrillas de Lara,
  • Mamolar,
  • Mecerreyes,
  • Pinilla de los Barruecos,
  • Quintanilla del Coco,
  • Retuerta,
  • La Revilla,
  • Santibáñez del Val,
  • Santo Domingo de Silos,
  • Tejada,
  • Villanueva de Carazo

Enviromental Areas

Griffon vulture, wolf, roe deer, wild boar, otter, wild cat, golden eagles, short-toed and bonelli, goshawk, peregrine falcon and gray partridge.
Spectacular succession of folded structures on which two types of relief have been modeled.
It highlights the forest of juniper juniper, the oaks, the rebollos and an important riverside forest in the Arlanza river. In addition, in Sabinares de Arlanza there are gorse, juniper, bearberry, sessile pine, laricio and resinero, and thyme.