In the south of the province of Burgos, not far from Santo Domingo de Silos, lies the Sabinares de Arlanza Nature Space, which stretches from the ravine of the same name, to Arlanza mid valley, Cervera Crags, Matavicias Canyon, Carazo Plateau, Mount Gayubar and Las Mamblas mountain range.

This land is home to the world’s largest and best-kept juniper forests, including several trees that are more than two thousand years old. The practically inaccessible precipices are home to a large variety of birds of prey, including the griffon vulture.

La Yecla ravine is a deep narrow gorge carved out of the limestone masses that characterise the landscape of Cervera Crags and which can be explored on foot, giving visitors the chance to admire this breathtaking natural setting.


Category: Natural Space (37,938 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Burgos:
  • Arauzo de Miel,
  • Barbadillo del Mercado,
  • Carazo,
  • Cascajares de la Sierra,
  • Ciruelos de Cervera,
  • Contreras,
  • Covarrubias,
  • Cuevas de San Clemente,
  • Espinosa de Cervera,
  • Hortigüela,
  • Mambrillas de Lara,
  • Mamolar,
  • Mecerreyes,
  • Pinilla de los Barruecos,
  • Quintanilla del Coco,
  • Retuerta,
  • La Revilla y Ahedo,
  • Santibáñez del Val,
  • Santo Domingo de Silos,
  • Tejada,
  • Villanueva de Carazo

Enviromental Areas

Griffon vulture, wolf, roe deer, boar, otter, wildcat, royal, short-toed eagles and bonelli's, goshawk, peregrine falcon and partridge.
Spectacular succession of folded structures on which has been modeled two types of relief.
It highlights spanish juniper, the oaks, Quercus pyrenaica (rebollo) and an important forest in the Arlanza river banks. In addition Arlanza Juniper gives the gorse, juniper, bearberry, scots pine, european black pine and Pinus pinaster (pino resinero) and thyme.