In the surroundings of Linares de Riofrío is La Honfría, a large forest of holly, centennial chestnut, hazelnut, wild cherry, elderberry and rebollos. In this environment there is a circular path, suitable for the general public and about 7 kilometers, which takes the visitor into this vegetable paradise, dotted with springs that spring from the bowels of the mountains. They are springs with a reputation for salty waters, some with seductive names, such as La Morana.

Near the town, at the beginning of the trail are several brown lime kilns. This construction material was obtained after firing lime stones for several days. The extension of the trade in these towns on the northern slopes of Las Quilamas gave its name to the La Calería sub-region.

These places have been surrounded by a certain magic and mystery. In fact, in 1979 several scenes were filmed in the movie "El nido", by Jaime de Armiñán, considered a masterpiece of Spanish cinema.

Route Data

Origin and destination of the route:
Linares de Riofrío
On foot (225 h.)
7 km.
Ascent slope:
  • Spring,
  • Summer,
  • Autumn,
  • Winter
Difficulty of the route:


Linares de Riofrío. 37760 Salamanca.