The winemaking tradition of San Esteban de la Sierra is evident in the Ruta de los Lagares Rupestres, a circular route of around 13 kilometers. Its duration is about five or six hours, if it is done with ease and enjoying multiple resources.

The route, of medium difficulty and suitable for the family public, shows beautiful landscapes of the Sierras de Francia and Béjar and the northern regions of Extremadura. It also allows to appreciate the human footprint printed in the presses, terraces and crops, eras, corrals, fountains, pools, etc.

The most outstanding heritage on this tour are the various cave presses, granite rock excavations carried out by man in the distant past and used for the first process in winemaking.

In this itinerary you can see wineries with one and two containers. The most frequent are those of two excavations. In the larger pile, the grape was trodden and sometimes the pressed. Through a hole or bocín the greater excavation communicates with the smaller pile or pylon, where the must is collected.

The "Ruta de los Lagares Rupestres" has its exit at the Bodega Cooperativa de San Esteban along the Guijarral road; and runs through the payments of Bajenoso, Valmedroso, Las Huertitas, Majallana, Muñiquero, Los Pajares, La Jara, Bardal, Majahonda ...; approximately twelve kilometers of great visual, aesthetic and educational interest, provocative of emotions and interpretative possibilities.

Route Data

Origin and destination of the route:
San Esteban de la Sierra
On foot (5 h.)
13 km.
Ascent slope:
  • Spring,
  • Summer,
  • Autumn,
  • Winter
Difficulty of the route:


San Esteban de la Sierra. 37671 Salamanca.