At Casa del Parque you will find all the practical information you need to organize your visit to Ojo Guareña in the best possible way. Local and specialized monitors provide brochures, guides and personalized information.

In addition, visiting its rooms and seeing the audiovisual-which incorporates spectacular images of the interior of the caves- allows a better understanding of the surroundings of Ojo Guareña, which will allow a better experience of your visit.

There is also a planning of activities for all audiences such as environmental workshops, celebration of international days, guided tours, etc. that will allow you to get closer to the main scientific discoveries, as well as to know the flora, fauna and geology of Ojo Guareña.

In the Casa del Parque a small botanical path begins towards the Forest Nursery and recreational area that connects with the paths PR-BU-31 "El Valle" and with the Sotoscueva Path that in turn connect with points of interest such as the Hermitage of San Bernabé and Palomera Cave.


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