Fish figure prominently in the recipes of the region, since by Castilla y Leon cross the main roads of the peninsular Northwest, therefore from centuries ago fish and seafood from the Atlantic and the Cantabrico have come regularly to important centres, such as the town of Medina del Campo (Valladolid), which in the XVIth century in the Court of the Catholic Kings, clams or shrimp were already consumed. Sea fish were called ceciales by its drying outdoors, among these were conger, hake, tuna, cctopus and sardines.

Rivers, lakes and reservoirs are distributed through geography making possible fishing and the consumption of freshwater species such as trout, which has a very important event: the International Week of the trout of Leon declared of Regional Tourist Interest, as well as gastronomic days as the Trout Soup, in the area of the Orbigo. Crabs are also abundant in some banks and are important for the recipes of the region, with a gastronomic festival dedicated to them in the town of Herrera de Pisuerga in the province of Palencia.