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Director Gastronómico: David Robledo

Jefe de cocina: Cristóbal Muñoz

Marcas de calidad:

  • 1 Estrella Michelín
  • 1 Sol Repsol

The restaurant was born with a philosophy very attached to the land; to kilometer 0 products, to the seasonality of its elaborations and to the context in which it is framed: the Pago de Carraovejas Winery itself and, of course, to the terroir. For this, Ambivium has its own organic garden that feeds the restaurant with vegetables, vegetables, spices and aromatics and which is located just fifty meters from the stove.

Further, the local product and the selection of the best raw materials from the sea and the land are the restaurant's flag: without artifice and paying tribute to its purest flavor at all times.

The product alternates its protagonism with the liquid part, seeking to create perfect tunes for those who sit at the table. Melodic compositions through a tour of world geography in the shape of a bottle. A resounding and sincere tribute to the world of wine.This link opens in a popup window

Following the philosophy of Alma Carraovejas: "Create unforgettable experiences around wine, betting on unique projects in search of a higher purpose, with the commitment to build a unique legacy", Ambivium is the perfect harmony to complete a 360-degree experience in that you are the center.


Camino de Carraovejas, s/n. Peñafiel. 47300 Valladolid.

Telephone: 983 881 938 / 648 466 707