Currently the program in term of development and regulation of the resource Mycological in Castilla y León is the program of inter-territorial cooperation Micocyl (mycology in Castilla y León) which aims at putting in value and sustainable resource management Mycological, considering the regulation of the collection of mushrooms as one of its main objectives, along with others such as research and the dissemination of the Mycological culture.

From the website they can consult the regulated areas of Castilla y León, view the whole map and see the integrated provinces and areas in particular, which can be accessed individually to check production estimated in each period. With the description of the Mycological habitat, forest type, and the main species of mushrooms that are produced, with a description of its characteristics and gastronomic value. Through micocyl you can also consult regulation conditions, recommendations of good practices and where and as a permit, access to expert Mycological contact to organize a visit guided Mycological. Also consult a comprehensive list of restaurants that offer dishes and menus Mycological or find out where to stay near areas of regulation Mycological.