• 1 t-bone steak of Avileña-Negra Iberica of about 5 cm.
  • Coarse salt or salt flakes.

Preparation method

For the embers you must take into account that they must be intense but never with flames. If it is with the griddle, this must be very hot so as it marks and seals the meat, without boiling it and making it lose its juices. Put the grill with the large steak about 20 cm of hot embers, or in the griddle or hot frying pan, in this case spread of oil.

Make sure it will not burn, and when this golden on one side, put it to the other side looking for the desired point. Remove when it is ready, according to the taste of the diner. If it may need a little more heat, put it again on the griddle or grill until it is done to your taste. Once served, add the salt, in this case the flakes are very good, since the meat takes the salt needed.