El Bierzo is a region unique with respect to its cuisine, rich and varied. Meats are excellent, mainly the veal; there are variety of breeds shared with neighboring regions in bovine, and these meats are the base of the magnificent cured meat. Among pork products the most outstanding and renowned is ‘botillo’, along with smoked chorizo and black pudding of onion. Wild boars, roe deer or hares are also important; birds include pickled partridges and stewed pigeons.

Of fishing emphasize fried freshwater eels and trout, and from the sea cod. In the recipe book highlight pies, cocido, broths, stew and to start and accompany all the dishes, roasted peppers. Fruit and vegetables include reineta apples, cherries and conferencia pears, without forgetting chestnuts, complementing a wide range of culinary possibilities.


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