This area has a rich and varied gastronomy characterized by products of the land, but influenced by a recipe book with an infinite number of shades, while have different regions and an area of passage with important trade exchanges in the past.

Stand out dishes such as cod cooked with garlic, oil and peppers, conger eel with potatoes and clams, fried and marinated trout, and trout soup, stewed squabs, ‘callos’ (tripe) and cooked leeks or stuffed with cheese and ham among other possibilities.

Also from popular recipes are the legs of the frog or the hare with potatoes, with an accompaniment of roasted peppers, not to mention the roasted lamb. For dessert sheep’s cheeses and honey, together with a varied pastries (‘amarguillos’, ‘orejuela’, or ‘torrijas’) and all in harmony with a large range of wines.


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