The gastronomic offer of the area of Ribera del Duero, includes notably dishes like roasted suckling lamb, garlic soup or Soup of Castilla, vegetable garden products, cheeses, and among fishes, conger eel and cod. Lamb is always roasted in wood stove, in a clay pot and divided into quarters, while other riparian specialties are chops, also of lamb, roasted over the embers of vine shoots.

The pork products are protagonists in El Burgo de Osma, where you can enjoy some gastronomic days of pig slaughter, which are since nearly 40 years a reference in the whole Spain. In this area lives traditional cuisine with a modern cuisine and of author, yet the list of products and raw materials of its pantry is numerous and of great quality. Of this territory are the cured meats from the slaughter of the pig, especially highlighting ‘morcilla de arroz’ (black rice pudding) with nuances depending on the area.

The recipe book of fish, the most traditional recipe is the one of conger eel including saffron and being a popular dish of the area of Aranda de Duero and Peñafiel: conger eel to the Arandina. Cod enjoys fame in places like Canalejas de Peñafiel, although its recipes are spread over the entire route, with formulations that have as a basis dishes cooked with garlic, oil and peppers or tomato sauce.

Raw materials from the field and the forest, such as small game hunt and mycological products (mushrooms, saffron milk cap, boletus, Scotch bonnet and chanterelles in the area of Soria), make up a stable and seasonal, interesting, varied and evocative cuisine.

As desserts, alone, or with honey sheep’s cheese, semi cured and cured, also rice pudding. And among sweets stand out: ‘empiñonados’ and doughnuts, especially the ‘ciegas’.


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