As good agricultural and livestock area, the extensive territory in several provincial of the Denomination of Origin Rueda possesses a varied gastronomy. Roast lamb stand out as well as suckling pig, but also the stews and soups, especially the cocido and among these the morañego (of Avila). Although there are other dishes as suggestive as unavoidable to know the signs of gastronomic identity of this area: the garlic soup or potatoes with meat and mushrooms, which tend to be saffron milk caps, due to the abundance of pine trees in this area.

Among the fish, the star is the cod, and of meat stands out the pork and all products of the pig slaughter, without put its delicious black pudding aside. Of poultry highlights the cock of farmyard, with an emblematic recipe in Tordesillas, the turresilano cock, and some gastronomic days dedicated to it.

Partridges and quails are remarkable as catches of the abundant hunting of the area and among the recipes, outline the pickled, although hare is one of the most popular hunting products. As for desserts, it is worth noting cheese and its magnificent sweet wine.


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