These lands have a rich and varied gastronomy based on the quality of its products and the ingenuity of their popular recipe book, with dishes as striking and original as Serrano Lemon, made usually with boiled egg, lemon and it may also have oranges, chorizo and seasoned with sugar, olive oil and a little red wine.

Cold meats and pork products are of excellent quality, as well as ham, chorizo, loin or roasted secreto (elbow pocket) as well as mixed potatoes, which are like the meneadas, the ‘calderillo’ of beef with potatoes and roasted kid.

Of river fishes, marinated barbels are especially noteworthy, as well as its olive oil, and for fruit desserts, particularly cherries, also honey, turron (nougat candy) or the floretas, and always accompanied by the wines of this land, white, rosé and red.


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