The gastronomy of the area is marked by the resources of the land where water is also important for the abundance of crystalline rivers flowing. Thus, fish are a notable element in the recipe book, especially trout, generally fried and pickled, also crayfish and frog legs, etc.

Legumes in the area are characterized by their fineness and rapid cooking.

Roast lamb in a wood oven is another gastronomic constant of these lands. And as a part of this area is nestled in the Tierra de Campos, the pigeons are an important ingredient in local cuisine, where stews and pickles are prepared. Hunting birds such as quail and partridges are also prepared with similar recipes. We cannot forget in this area the excellence of its roasted peppers, which even has its own fair for this product that takes place every year at the end of September.

Sweets are also well known. In Benavente and some towns near Tierra de Campos, the typical "ugly" ones are renowned. Throughout the region, traditional donuts from trancalapuerta, buns from coscarón and donuts from the bouquet are traditional. Some valleys and towns in the region have their characteristic sweets such as fluff or blind and miguelitos. Without forgetting its great wines from the D.O.P. Quality Wine from the Valles de Benavente.


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