In the heart of the province of León, about 20 kilometers from the capital, is the municipality of Valdevimbre, a town of about a thousand inhabitants that has managed to maintain its winemaking tradition. Over the centuries, hundreds of cellar-caves have been excavated in its valleys, whose interior still provokes fascination, freshness and mysticism, as its smell and temperature evade us to a previous world. The Valdevimbre Wine Museum is located in one of those old wineries, which shows us what these caves were like in the past and allows us to learn about the traditional wine-making process.

The Valdevimbre Wine Museum offers a visit that begins with a video-documentary in which it visualizes the region's rich winemaking tradition and the main characteristics of its wines yesterday and today. This is followed by a guided tour of the winery through seven rooms in which, while the cave itself is shown, the development of the traditional wine-making process is explained: from the reception of the clusters to the the fermentation of the must, going through its pressing in a Roman beam.

The Valdevimbre Wine Museum is located in a cave-winery that is over 300 years old. It is currently a museum, but the marks on its walls still reveal that it was excavated by hand according to the traditional formulas of the area. In it we can see dozens of exhibits, authentic relics related to the traditional winemaking process, all of them donated by residents of the town. Among these, a 10-meter "Roman" beam and a vat with 400 pitchers stand out, both original to this cellar cave.

This municipality has maintained a rich winemaking tradition, producing rosé and red wines from Prieto Picudo and whites from Verdejo and Albarín, all included in the D.O. Lion. At present, it preserves a multitude of its caves, some of them continue to function as wineries and others have been converted into restaurants, which makes it one of the great claims within the wine and gastronomic tourism of Castilla y León.

Centro de Interpretación del vino - Exterior teso cueva


Calle del Espinar, s/n. Valdevimbre. 24230 León.

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