The Finca "Las Tapias" is located in Villares de Yeltes, a town bounded by two rivers, the Yeltes and the Huebra, which originate the abundant springs, lagoons and fountains in this territory where the Orive cattle pasture is located.

The visits to the livestock are made by tractor, fenced by fenced in order to see it in full. In addition, "Las Tapias" has a grocery store with more than a hundred years of history where professionals perform the tentaderos. You can also enjoy the harassment and demolition competition in this place; and the trimmer show, upon request, by the "Arte Charro" group.

Livestock ironworks are made in the autumn months, so this is a good time to witness one of the most traditional jobs and that involves the definitive and individual identification of calves when they are separated from their mothers.

So that the enjoyment of the field day is complete, the farm offers visitors tastings of Iberian products, wine tastings, various appetizers, grilled meats with oak firewood and many other dishes of traditional Salamanca cuisine.

Visits from 7 person. Holding of seminars and conferences. Possibility of dinners, snacks and lunches. They have a catering service. They have accommodation. They have a groping place. Open all year.


Villares de Yeltes. Salamanca.

Telephone: 607 888 778 / 610 510 623