The gastronomy of Gredos in the Alto Alberche and Valle del Tiétar areas is characterized by a series of emblematic products that translate into true culinary milestones. The revolconas potatoes, the asparagus of Lanzahíta and the black pudding of rice and that of pumpkin are part of the recipe book.

The magnificent meats of Iberian black avileña are remarkable. Another meat worthy of review is that of the kid, in a small knife, stew or roasted in a wood oven. There is also the singularity of the popular Matanzas recipe for salmorejo.

On the other hand, we should not forget legumes (especially the black bean), crumbs, and olive oil. Likewise, it is necessary to mention the mycological products and the cheeses of both goat and sheep and cow. For desserts, we can taste the typical syrup of pumpkin, figs and must; and to top it off, a liqueur or a sweet wine with some pasta, the cortadillos, the oil buns or the perrunillas.


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