1/4 of suckling lamb.


Water and salt.

Preparation method

Put the quarter of lamb previously seasoned and buttered on a clay plate in such a way that the inner part of it is upwards, and the skin down. You can put something underneath so that it is not in contact with the juice, a dessert dish, so as it does not get too wet when you add the water, in order to avoid that it gets dry at any time; however the water must not be too much, so as the lamb can cook.

Put it into the previously heated oven at 180 °C for one hour. After this time, turn the lamb and leave it by the side of the skin approximately about 45-50 minutes more in the oven, until the desired point of cooking, and the skin takes a gold-colored and crunchy aspect, making sure that is does not lack of water at any time. The second phase can be a little longer, depending on the size of the lamb used for this recipe.

The lamb is to its adequate point of cooking when while eating, the meat separates from the bone very easily but still keeps all its juice. The ideal accompaniment is a simple salad of lettuce and onion, seasoned with good vinegar.