Fortified settlement of some 30 Ha wide, located in that area known as the Miranda Plateau, a strategic spot for supplying water and for defence against any attack. It is surrounded by a wall and the defence was carried out using pit areas and special stone fields.

It is together with a necropolis area, La Osera, with steles and burial-mound structures, que estaba dividida en seis zonas bien delimitadas por hitos de piedras verticales, esto podría obedecer a la división de linajes o castas de la sociedad que componía el castro.

Historical Data

Archaeology site
Neolithic fortified settlement
Historical Period:
Celt (Vetton)


Chamartín. 05142 Ávila.

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Municipality of Chamartín. Ávila.

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Archaeological Hall

Archaeological Hall Mesa de Miranda

The life in the village through a mobile mockup, and a computer program which allows us to choose a fiction character to know its daily tasks, are shown in the first floor.

Address: Chamartín. Ávila.

Telephone: 920 232 534 (AYTO)

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