Castilla y León boasts a diverse wild mushrooms, having cataloged 2,700 species, many of them edible, of which more than 50 are sold, which is a wealth that combined with the quality and know-how of the producers, guides and cooks it realizes that our region has become one of the leading communities in micoturismo.

Castilla y León has launched important projects related to Mycology, the aforementioned system of data management of production and use of wild mushrooms,, a mark of quality, mushrooms of Castilla y León, which ensures that these have been collected by experts and supervised by inspectors, which are guarantees its traceability and quality. Also two important events one of regional dimension such as the gastronomic days of mushrooms in Castilla y León, El Buscasetas, of annual and other internationally, the International Congress of Mycology Soria gastronomy, which is held biennially,