Set of paintings of cave painting of the Post-Palaeolithic of the type ‘schematic painting’, in shelters and stony places, in a small valley of steep slopes and abundant vegetation.

The technique used in the paintings is simple and uniform. In general it shortens to plain colours and lineal strokes, usually in red and ochre, as well as in white, what is quite normal in Las Batuecas. As subjects of the paintings, the lines and spots predominates, also anthropomorphic and zoomorphic (human and animals shapes), sometimes creating scenes, with a clear naturalistic tendency in the case of Las Batuecas.

The lack of written documents until the end of XVIII century about Las Batuecas, and its geographical juncture to one of the most remote villages of Spain helped to create different legends spread by literature and popular tradition.

Historical Data

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Historical Period:
Neolithic, Chalcolithic

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