It is an archaeological site started as a Property of Cultural Interest in 1980, and declared as such in 2013, being therefore integrated among the properties of the catalog of properties protected from autonomy.

It is located two kilometers east of Bamba, on a hill 782 meters high, in the shape of a cone trunk, with an ellipsoidal piled top. The name is due to a notice that, according to legend, in that place the Virgin told a shepherd where the remains of San Ildefonso were buried. The site, classified as from the Iron Age, does not preserve remains of the wall. The absence of this defensive element could be due to the fact that the steepness of its slopes made it unnecessary. Materials belonging to the Celtiberian era are collected in the northern and western part of the hill.

The Castro del Viso de Bamba has been identified with the ancient pre-Roman indigenous city of Arbucala, which is remembered in historiography as a place attacked and besieged by Hannibal in his campaigns on the Plateau in the years prior to the attack on Sagunto, a fact that produced in the late 3rd century BC.

Historical Data

Archaeology site
Neolithic fortified settlement
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Bamba (Madridanos). 49157 Zamora.

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