This villa is one of the most important Roman archaeological sites in Spain. It was discovered in 1968 thanks to the appearance of remains indicating that this had once been the site of a magnificent palace dating back to the days of the Romans. It still conserves several mosaics of immense historical value.

After admiring the building’s impressive façade, visitors make their way to vestibule with a mosaic that is practically intact. At the back of this area, two columns mark the division between this room and a large gallery running from side to side of the building, featuring superb mosaics with geometric patterns that formed the entrance to the main rooms of this mansion.

Today, a large covered space houses the objects and remains found in this villa. An exhibition that is well worth admiring, together with the magnificent and well-conserved mosaics, providing visitors with a fascinating vision of what life was like in the days of the Romans.

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Pedrosa de la Vega. 34134 Palencia.

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