One of the emblematic "monuments" of the city of Toro is its "Toro de Piedra", a figure sculpted in granite, belonging to the group of sculptures called "Verracos", monuments of the final stage of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age, a recognizable sign of the Vettones, a pre-Roman town of Celtic culture settled in the territory between the Duero and Tajo rivers.

The term "boar" comes from the Latin "verres", and means "pig father", although the sculptures grouped under this boar term, not only represent pigs, but also bulls, as is the case of this sculpture.

There are different hypotheses about their purpose: as milestones that established the limits of the territory or markers of the pasture area, a cult figure to protect livestock or even some consider them funerary monuments.

Over time, it has occupied different spaces in the city, being its current location, next to the Alcázar, where the Toro tourist office is currently located.

Historical Data

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Sculpture / Statue
Historical Period:
Iron Age


Toro. 49800 Zamora.

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