Although its origins date back to the X century, and that it was part of the first walled enclosure of the city of Toro, its construction dates from the XV century. Witness of important historical events, the Alcazar de Toro is one of the main buildings of the city.

After the división of León and Castile in the mid 12th century, Toro remained in the kingdom of León. In 1199 Alfonso 9th married Doña Berenguela and between 1188 and 1195 he started the construction of the castle and the walls. Sancho IV donated Toro its fortress to his wife, María de Molina, in 1283, and she rebuilt the old castle giving it the present structure. In the mid 19th century the castle was in ruins, having been used mostly to store gunpowder.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower
Predominant styles:


Plaza de San Agustín. Toro. 49800 Zamora.

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