In the 12th century, the existence of the Castle of Caracena was already known due to the lawsuit that the dioceses of Osma and Sigüenza maintained for the ownership of the lands of Caracena. At the end of the 14th century, the Tobar family obtained the lordship of Caracena and later, in 1491, it passed into the hands of Alfonso Carrillo de Acuña, awarded for his fidelity to the Catholic Monarchs, who rebuilt the castle.

The castle has two enclosures, the interior with a trapezoidal floor with circular towers at its two corners, the tribute on a third and the rest of a rectangular tower at the access to the interior enclosure at the fourth corner. Inside there are remains of a cistern next to the tower. The exterior enclosure is adapted to the interior with circular towers with vaults as guarding the entrance door.

The spectacular spot, from the hill you can see the town of Caracena (which is one kilometer away), protected by canyons that flow into the Caracena river.

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