It was the family Padilla who built this fort in the middle of XV century. Its tower keep is square, about 18 meters high and topped by a crown of machicolations on which a crenellated parapet rises.

In the thick walls of ashlar are several vertical tears for crossbow shots and a few loopholes for small caliber rifle. A rectangular fence forms with the tower a large parade ground. Before passing into the hands of the dukes of Abrantes, the most illustrious owner of the castle of Arenillas of Muño was Don Gutierrez Lopez de Padilla, butler of the king Felipe II. It is partly in ruins, and partly transformed. It is privately owned and used as housing and storage.

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Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


La Torre, 12. Arenillas de Muño (Estépar). 09230 Burgos.

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