We are talking about one of the oldest towns of its alfoz (a group of villages). Sarracin was already mentioned in the Carturlario of Cardeña of the year 963. The town preserves in the highest part of its urban centre a typical Tower of the XV century, of quadrangular floor and made with masonry thickened with mortar and stones in corners and hollows. Three floors of height, the gateway is oriented to the South and presents a pointed arch. In 1565 the tower belonged to the Barahona and then to the Salamanca.

It is one more fort that invites us to discover its beauty and that of all its nearby contemporary fellows.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Sarracín. 09620 Burgos.

More information

Ayuntamiento of Sarracín


Municipality of Sarracín. Burgos.

Teléfono: 947 404 016

Email: aytosarracin@hotmail.es

Página Web: http://www.sarracin.es

Oficina de Turismo Regional of Burgos


Pza. Alonso Martínez, 7. Burgos. 09003 Burgos.

Teléfono: 947 203 125

Fax: 947 276 529

Email: oficinadeturismodeburgos@jcyl.es