Purist and sombre, it has Romanesque style influences at show in all its architecture and decoration. It doesn't house any exceptional pieces although in its time it has been the keeper of a Greco painting. Today it contains a rich musical archive including 6000 works and some authors define it as unique in Spain and a 16th century altarpiece by Juan de Juni.

The history of the building is intertwined with that of the city of Valladolid, to the point that the growth of the town conditioned the construction of the cathedral in its origins.

It is the great unfinished cathedral, the result of a project that could not be finished in all its splendour. The Collegiate beginnings soon became obsolete due to the changes of taste of the day, so the Town Council decided to build a cathedral that would put in the shade similar constructions in neighbouring capitals. Although faithful to the project of Juan de Herrera, the building would undergo many modifications, such as the addition to the top of the main façade, work of Churriguera.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Predominant styles:
Baroque, Renaissance
Historical Period:
Early modern period


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