Natural-sized and model reconstructions of public and private atmospheres characteristic of the pre-historic and historic past of medinaceli and its area.

The access stairs to the hall recreate a time tunnel that brings together the most significant aspects of the Palaeolithic and Neolithic groups that lived in the Ambrona Valley. It ends with the Jalón Valley settlements from the Bronze Age and the 2nd Iron Age.


Plaza Mayor, s/n. Medinaceli. 42240 Soria.

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Tourist Office of Medinaceli


C/ Campo de San Nicolás, s/n. Medinaceli. 42240 Soria.

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Tourist Office Regional of Soria


C/ Medinaceli,2. Soria. 42003 Soria.

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Archeological sites of Ambrona and Torralba

The sites of Ambrona and Torralba are the most relevant of the Lower Palaeolithic in the Iberian Peninsula.

The excavations discovered remains of an abundant mammals fauna (bulls, horses and others), standing[...]

Address: Ctra. Nacional II, Km. 146,2. Ambrona (Miño de Medinaceli). 42230 Soria.

Telephone: 975 221 428

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