The Corpus Chico of León, is celebrated on the Sunday after the day of the celebration of Corpus Christi Sunday. The day dawns with the flowery reveille offered by the Piquete de Ronda of the Royal Brotherhood of La Minerva and La Vera-Cruz through the streets and squares of the San Martín neighbourhood. At the same time, for a few years, in the Plaza Mayor a group of brothers meticulously weaves a floral carpet in which the emblem of said Brotherhood and the coat of arms of the city of León are represented.

Later, a Solemn Eucharist fills its canonical seat, the church of San Martín, starting at 11:00 a.m. with the assistance of the penitential brotherhoods of León, the councilors of the León consistory headed by its mayor, brothers, manolas, first communion children and faithful. Then the traditional Procession of the Corpus Chico begins, headed, after the cross and the candles, by the Eucharistic pendoneta. The procession runs through different streets in the center of León.

The presence of the Brotherhood of La Minerva in León for more than 400 years must be highlighted in this celebration, which was promoted by the jewelry, cloth, iron and wax guild of the San Martín Parish. Thus, the merchants of the city of León refounded the brotherhood, drawing up the Statutes by common agreement between the Monastery of San Claudio and the brotherhoods, on November 6, 1637. On April 30, 1783, the brotherhoods requested the Bishop of León , the transfer of the Brotherhood to the Parish of San Martín, as well as its union with the Brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament, located there. In May 1895, the Bishop of the Diocese of León, Francisco Gómez-Salazar and Lucio Villega, approved the union of the Brotherhoods of La Minerva and La Vera-Cruz. The festival of the Minerva Mayor disappears and is replaced by the festival of the Infraoctava del Corpus, corresponding to the Sunday after Corpus Christi. This festival disappeared due to various vicissitudes in the year 1898; It will not be until 1937 when the infra-octave of the Corpus is recovered, giving rise to the popularly called Corpus Chico, which has survived to the present day.

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