The rite of fire presides over the walking on coals festival, which on the eve of San Juan is celebrated in the village of San Pedro Manrique. On the shortest night of the year, the villagers, joined every year by thousands of tourists, walk barefoot over a carpet of glowing coals, which measures about two metres long by one metre wide, and about 15 centimetres deep.

The coal walkers, wearing red sashes, are already warming up when the tourists arrive. At midnight music announces the start of the rite and the entrance of the móndidas, three young single women who will be the centre of the following day's celebrations. The three girls are the queens of the festival, their significance bears relation to Celtic summer solstices, where the image of the goddesses of fire appears.

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General information:
National Tourist Interest
23 and 24 june


San Pedro Manrique. 42174 Soria.

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