Alaejos nestles on a gentle slope close to the stream known as La Reguera in the south-west of the province of Valladolid, and the heart of the Medina del Campo region with its characteristic clay and sandy soil. A stopping point and place of trade thanks to its proximity to Medina del Campo, famed for its important fair.

Founded in the 12th century and part of the region of Medina, in the 15th century it was handed over to the Bishop of Ávila, under whose jurisdiction it remained until the 19th century. The centre of Alaejos was protected by its fortress, from where we can observe the wall, the main square and the smaller Square of Santa María. Traces can still be seen of its former religious and civil power in the Church of San Pedro, the Town Hall and the porticoed houses, site of the town’s bustling trade.