Situated in Burgos and aligned with Madrid, this town, with its eye-catching ceramic tile roofs and wooden and adobe structures reflects the typical colours of Castile. Highlights include the stone altarpiece of the Church of Santa María, which boasts a rich heritage, standing in the main square just a short distance from the equally beautiful Romanesque Church of La Asunción.

Build on a road dating back to the days of the Romans, and named after the first lord of these lands ’ Izán ’ it received its status as a town from Alphonse XI in 1326.

Its prosperity was due to the proximity of the monasteries of San Pedro and San Lorenzo, as well as the legacies passed on from the dominions of Avellaneda, Santillana, Osuna and Orueña. It was home to several noteworthy figures, including Saint Dominic de Guzmán, whose house is still standing; Per Abbat, whose signature appears on the manuscript copy of El Cantar de Mio Cid; and Diego de Gumiel. A place rich in history and people.