Holy Week celebrations that reflect local feeling and sentiment, later channelled by religious orders and leading to the creation of the early brotherhoods under the protection of the convents, the first of which dates back to the 15th century and the Order of the Franciscans. The first of these moving acts is the " Besamanos de Jesús" (literally ‘The Kissing of Jesus’ Hand’) before Palm Sunday; the Stations of the Cross offered by the Brotherhood of Jesus which ends with the lowering of the figure of Christ, whose right hand is then kissed by those who wish to ask for help.

The popular procession of the donkey takes place on Palm Sunday. On the Friday of Sorrows, the figure of the Virgin of Los Dolores is brought out from the Church of San Julián de los Caballeros, carried on the shoulders of 18 men to the accompaniment of drums that beat out the ’Mater Mea", culminating in a heart-rending Salve. Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are equally thrilling, with highly moving professions of faith and processions featuring images dating back to the 16th and 18th centuries. A unique Holy Week that is well worth experiencing at first hand.

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