Holy Week celebrations that date back to the 13th century and have remained practically unchanged over the centuries, characterised by austerity, silence and prayer. The ancient brotherhoods are the guardians of superb figures and sculptures, which are on display in the Holy Week Museum, and include 37 works corresponding to the Passion of Christ. Particularly worthy of note are those by the most prolific sculptor, Ramón Álvarez.

Visitors experiencing these Holy Week celebrations will be moved by the strength of feeling, faith and contrasting celebrations. The Penitent Brotherhoods walk in procession around the streets at night and in the early hours of the morning, accompanied by hundreds of barefoot brothers and precious images from the city’s various churches; a sharp contrast to the daytime processions, which are nevertheless equally dramatic and moving. They conserve ancient traditions, customs and characters, such as ’El Barandales" and "El Merlú". Other events include the Procession of Silence and the Swearing of the Oath. A Holy Week rich in unique moments of music’and silence. A heart-rending silence that speaks volumes. A Holy Week that steeped in history, culture, heritage and faith.

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